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Yes - your life has a Purpose and you can build conscious relationships based on love and mutual respect.
We all want to lead a good life and thrive in loving relationships. But life doesn’t give you a roadmap to success. We often let our relationships fall into disarray. We watch others get ahead in their careers, wondering why we can’t do the same. If we could discover our full potential and how to build our relationships, how different would our lives be?

For more than 10 years, I’ve been successfully guiding my clients to discover the best version of themselves and build loving relationships. As a result, an entirely different world opens up to them - one filled with many opportunities, healthy relationships and deeper love. My clients find they understand their partners on a much deeper level through better communication. Their relationships begin to flourish. The bonds of their marriages become stronger. Their passion and intimacy for their partners grow like never before.

They begin entirely new chapters in their lives. And you can, too. I can’t wait to help you realize the next step on your journey.
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  • "Working with Elena has helped me regain my sense of self and my power to be the independent, self-sufficient woman I had worked so hard to be. I am finally learning what it means to be truly happy, healthy and whole -- mind, body, and spirit. As a result, my marriage has improved immensely."
    - Crystal
  • "I was a single mother, lost and broke. Thanks to Elena, I gained my confidence, faith, and positivity. She guided me through my divorce and helped me tremendously to finish my marriage without accumulating too much stress and guilt. After that I met a wonderful man and found a very good job. Now my life is much different and 100% better!"
    - Yelena
  • "In an one hour session with Elena I was able to get clear directions on how to set my intentions and use visualization to secure employment. Within one week I was able to successfully land a position at a Fortune 500 company that is a leader in its industry. The time we spent together changed the direction of my life!”

    - Tamica

My Story

My awakening began when I was 33 years old. I was married with two little girls. My life was plain and directionless. And in addition, a dark shadow loomed over me: I was very unhappy in my marriage, and as a result my body began to shut down. It made me feel hopeless and depressed.

I turned to traditional medicine for help. I was prescribed medication, and some doctors even recommended surgery. But I knew if I took this path, I would wind up in a darker place than I began. I was left with no choice but to heal myself. I needed to look inside of myself -- not just treat the illnesses I had, but to treat my soul. That’s when my spiritual journey began.

I had to start a dialogue with myself. I began my search for my Life Purpose. It took me 20 years. For those two decades, I studied relationship psychology, spiritual systems around the world, resilient mental and emotional techniques, and body movement. I learned how to help others find their own Life Purpose, showing them how to live happier lives.

I also noticed that this newfound Life Purpose had a positive effect on my clients’ lifestyles, careers and relationships. Once I began working with couples, I was blown away by the demand for my coaching. Now, I find myself in high demand because couples improve their relationships -- even after their first session!
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