Life Coaching

Become the best version of yourself, experience your wholeness and start living a meaningful life! Your life has a purpose. You were meant to find it and use it!

Why Life Coaching? 

When people look for a coach, they want someone who is as dedicated to results as they are. They don’t want someone who is punching the clock. 

I have dedicated my life to this work. Several years ago, I left everything behind: a six-figure income, a small business and a two-story home. I knew that my life purpose was to help people become the best version of themselves and thrive in loving relationships. I am ready to be here for you.

Some people also have a preconception that it takes a lot of time to work with a life coach to get results. But that’s just the opposite. A good coach takes the time to work with their clients to achieve desirable results in an effective and precise manner. I am not only a triple certified life coach who looks for result-oriented outcomes, but a professional intuitive numerologist that combines many different methods to get to that outcome. 

I have an analytical mind that helps me find your true-life purpose and happiness in life. But I also have a sensitive side that aims to get a more holistic understanding of your life. I am dedicated to listening to you as I am understanding you. I can show you how to start using your true potential immediately through simple and basic steps.

Unlock your Full Potential and learn about your true Life Purpose with Elena Vit Coaching!

  • “I enjoyed working with Elena! She helped me to develop my life purpose and goals, gave me exercises to reframe my mindset on things that were holding me back from pushing my life purpose.
    Her Life Purpose Report print out was also very helpful.
    Thank you, Elena!”
    - Mary
  • "When I came to Elena I had never felt so lost... Elena helped give my life direction again. And I can’t thank her enough! I had never been more depressed when I first started seeing Elena... six months later I’ve never been happier. Every time I would walk into a session with Elena I would be so emotionally worn and beaten down, but by the end of the session I was always so excited about my life and my future! Elena is one of the most caring and understanding individuals I’ve ever met. She could help anyone out of the darkest places imaginable!
    I always recommend Elena every time I hear someone talk about their hopelessness and depression."
    - Zac
  • "Elena is a very good coach. She pays attention to the details. What makes her style unique is that she spends time getting to know you so that her reading is on target.‘‘

    - Dr. Jaime Mendoza

  • "I have made MORE PROGRESS working with Elena for the last 6 months, than working with my psychotherapist for 6 years."

    - Cynthia

  • “Elena is a talented and passionate Life Coach. In an hour session with her I was able to get clear directions on how to set my intentions and use visualization to secure employment. Within one week I was able to successfully land a position at a Fortune 500 company that is a leader in its industry. The time we spent together changed the direction of my life! Thank you, Elena!"

    - Tamica

  • “Elena is a no-nonsense coach that isn’t afraid to challenge your actions, beliefs and assumptions to help you attain a better life. She has fantastic insight into problems, relationships, and business, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Working with her is a great investment of your time and money.”

    - Lauren

  • "Before the coaching I was pretty much lost in my ideas, dreams, plans, obstacles, conditions and excuses. I really needed somebody, preferably a female coach, to look at my set of skills, knowledge, and conditions and honestly tell me which direction is the most practical, realistic and best specifically for me. As a result of our work, I was able to start a business that has a big potential. Elena brilliantly guided, listened, and answered all my questions! During our sessions, I felt as if I was talking to a really good friend who had all her experience, wisdom, knowledge, support and encouragement generously at my service. Elena helped me to focus and really start doing steps in the right direction without worries and hesitations."
    Thank you, dear, for being my advisor, friend, and a really inspiring personality!”

    - Natalya

  • “My Life Purpose Session gave me a sense of calm because I can have faith in the plan you shared with me. In reflecting back on my work with you, you helped me in so many areas that support my Life Purpose. You gave me practical tools that I can rely on amidst the noise and velocity of my life. Thank you.”

    - Bob

  • “Elena is very proactive!
    She always gets to the point and to the core issue!”

    - Grace

  • “I found my experience with Elena and Numerology to be both insightful and enlightening. Elena has a gift in the way she asks the questions and post research delivers the information in sharing story and fact to keep it interesting. I enjoyed learning about my path and how numbers, spirit and universe help guide us along our purposeful path. Elena is very passionate around Numerology and the key it holds for our lives and it shows. I allowed the process to seep in and accepted the awareness as it was coming present. Thank you, Elena!”

    - Greg

  • "I truly enjoyed working with Elena! It definitely was a big help. I got a lot of clarity of what I should be doing, and did positive actions, especially with my health. Being a health practitioner myself, I know how it is vitally important to stay positive throughout the entire healing process. Now I feel much better, on my way to complete recovery and am focused on the main direction of my life – alternative education on a regular basis.”

    - Jill

  • “Thank you, Elena. You helped me to recognize my strengths and healing abilities that I didn’t even see. It became very clear to me that my natural gift is in natural healing. My relationship with my husband also improved tremendously. Most importantly, I became the person I was meant to be and this feels great!”

    - Olga

  • “Thank you Elena,
    For all of the positive and unbelievable changes in my life! Elena reminded me of my talents and my purpose with each conversation. However, I was broken. Elena tried to awaken me and reminded me of my dreams every time we talked. For that, I am truly grateful. She gave my dreams energy. She taught me how to believe in myself and bring positive events into my life. I am forever grateful for Elena for bringing me inner peace and caring about my dreams.
    A huge thank you!”

    - Tatiana

  • “Before I met Elena, I was lost and depressed. Now that I have Elena, my life coach, I can see all of the good things I have. She explained to me why I was lost and I learned to find my strength to survive. I learned how to change my life and my career, and Elena’s direction guided me to help others. I am so grateful to Elena as my life coach.
    She truly changed my life for the better. Thank you, thank you so much!”

    - Nikki

  • ”After being retired for 3 years but not having a clear direction in life, not to mention a lack of dating skills I needed after my recent divorce, I wanted to have more fun experiences in life and be clear about my best direction. Working with Elena, I found out more specifically what I wanted for my life. It became very clear to me after my Life Purpose Session with Elena. Gladly I have recommended Elena’s mentorship to several of my friends.
    Thank you, Elena, for being you!”

    - Craig

  • “I had lots of doubts about my life and didn’t know which way to turn. At the same time, I couldn’t find my next career step. I was interested in becoming a dating coach, but I wasn’t sure if it was for me, and I didn’t know if I could be successful. I needed more clarity. Elena mediated on my energy and told me what she sensed from me. Her advice helped me determine my new direction in life. She emphasized my natural abilities and how they could help me create a career in real life. If you have any doubts about your future, I recommend Elena. She used Numerology and her intuitive abilities to help me, and it turned out to be a powerful and resourceful combination. “

    - Irina

Learn How To Become Your Best Self and Build Loving Relationships

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