Relationship Masterclass

How To Build Healthy Communication in Your Relationship

Learn How To Be Heard and Understood, and Enjoy Your Relationship

When people call me, they say: "This is our LAST CHANCE to make things right." Very often, they cry. They say they don't know if their relationship or marriage can be fixed. It's not their fault. Neither is yours, my friend!

I’ve made these mistakes myself! I know how it feels! I had to learn things the hard way. I realized that others may not know the same things I learned when my marriage failed.

Since then, I have helped hundreds of people - both individuals and couples - recreate their marriages and relationships.

Now, it's YOUR TURN!

The Relationship Masterclass is a LIVE online interactional foundational method that is highly recommended for couples who want to have healthy relationships and marriages. There are 10 modules that are designed to work for YOU.

This is a time-proven method that is geared toward:

  • building UNDERSTANDING and CONNECTION between partners and spouses
  • creating healthy COMMUNICATION
  • building unshakable TRUST 
  • enjoying more INTIMACY
  • experiencing PASSION in your relationship now MORE THAN EVER!

If you want to SAVE your relationship and create better communication with your partner, this Masterclass is for you!

If you're not sure your marriage CAN BE SAVED or is BEYOND REPAIR, this is EXACTLY the right time to start finding the solution that's right for both of you.

You will work directly with Elena in a supportive and understanding environment. This intimate and small group setting is tailored to improve your connection with your partner.

You will complete exercises with your partner in the privacy of your own home with an option to engage with other couples in the form of a group discussion, sharing your "A-ha!" moments and new experiences.

You will receive:

  • 10 Small Group Sessions On Communication, Respect, Healthy Habits, and Creating More Intimacy
  • 3 Time-Proven Practical Tools In Every Module To Improve Your Relationship 
  • Unlimited Email Support For The Duration of the Course
  • and more...

If you want to have a FABULOUS relationship and INCREDIBLE marriage while being understood, respected, loved and appreciated, this Masterclass is for you!

Ready to start?

Hundreds have already experienced dramatically improved relationships and marriages, and I want you to start on this time-proven journey today!

Sign up here to experience more CONNECTION, LOVE and PASSION now!

  • "Working with Elena has helped me regain my sense of self and my power to be the independent, self-sufficient woman I had worked so hard to be. I am finally learning what it means to be truly happy, healthy and whole -- mind, body, and spirit. As a result, my marriage has improved immensely."
    - Crystal
  • When my wife and I first met Elena we were both speaking in terms of a divorce. Fast forward three months later and we both feel closer than ever.
    Elena advertises herself as a "marriage and relationship expert". Let me say that her skills are impressive. The first thing she taught us was how to bring love, hope, and "RESPECT" back into the relationship and our communication. It sounds easy.
    Let me also say, this isn't for the "faint of heart". There will be sessions that hurt. Facing yourself in an honest, vulnerable manner can be hard.
    I gave Elena my most treasured relationship in my life. She delivered beyond my expectations!
    - David and Pam
  • "We had problems communicating with each other. It was so bad, I was seriously contemplating ending the relationship. After just one session with Elena, we turned our relationship a full 180 degrees and now we are all in!"

    -Henry and Judy

  • "I rarely give out 5 stars but in this case it’s warranted. Elena has a gift and can work with all age groups and all situations people may find themselves in. Rationally look at what’s really going on and come up with easy to apply solutions. Caring, professional and kind."

    -Maureen and John

  • "She isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions when it comes to your marriage or relationship…She truly cares!"

    -Debra and Patrick

  • "I was a single mother, lost and broke. Thanks to Elena, I gained my confidence, faith, and positivity. She guided me through my divorce and helped me tremendously to finish my marriage without accumulating too much stress and guilt. After that I met a wonderful man and found a very good job. Now my life is much different and 100% better!"


  • "Absolutely incredible! Elena is a gifted intuitive who has an immediate and organic understanding of relationships and communication in a way I never knew existed. "


  • "Elena was very flexible with our needs. She strongly values communication and helped my husband and me during our premarital counseling sessions. Her sessions greatly supported us to start our marriage on the right path!"

    -Tabitha and Dylan

  • "My partner and I have been seeing Elena for pre-marital counseling. As an adult prior to meeting with Elena, I was sort of convinced I knew what I was getting into. Boy, was I wrong. Elena is sweet, caring and extremely passionate about her work and it shows. From our first session up to today, I feel she has done a remarkable job assisting us with our needs. I have seen such tremendous growth between us both and have really enjoyed watching us learn more about each other and how to work best as a unit. I strongly encourage her services to anyone in need and looking for similar guidance."


Learn How To Become Your Best Self and Build Loving Relationships

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